Our courses typically range from five to seven weeks long, and feature hands on experiments and labs to help student conceptualize concepts. Our classes are taught and facilitated by gifted high school and college students, who are extremely qualified in their field (determined through a highly extensive interview process). All our teachers are graduates of the respective college level or industry level course in their respective subjects. Some of our courses are also facilitated by industry professionals in the specific field. Remember - spaces are limited, REGISTER NOW!

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Cell Biology

Cell Biology is designed for elementary/middle school students who hope to learn a little bit more about our molecular biology and prepare for high school biology. Our Cell Biology course is taught by those who specialize in high level biology courses and students with research experience in the field of biotechnology. Emphasis will be placed on concepts that students can, feel, and experiment with at home in order to make topics relevant to student's life. Come and learn about the building block of life!

Fun with Physics

Learn about the fundamental principles of gravity, space, and time, and how we see these forces on Earth. We will also learn about the great scientists who have revolutionized the field of modern physics such as C.V. Raman and Albert Einstein. Explore more about Newtonian Physics, and the 4 laws of physics that govern the behavior of every object on earth. This class will also feature applications of physics in the fields of astronomy, medicine, and environmental science. Come and fly with us!

Introduction to Python

By the end of this class, we'll have our future techies coding away! Students will understand the relationship between hardware, software, and operation systems relevant to coding in Python. They will become familiar with Python methods using a subset of data types and using assignment, method calls, while loops, for loops, and conditionals, as well as develop a conceptual understanding as to how information is stored in files and databases. Students will be presented with a variety of real-world application situations through Python, and this course will feature fun and interactive exercises, to get our students whizzing away!

Introductory Java

In this class, students will learn the basics of coding in Java as well as learn their application in real-case situations. Sessions will include both a theoretical and a practical approach, allowing students to gain an understanding not just of how to code in Java but also how to code functions. This class is an excellent fit for middle school to high school students, interested in learning the basics of Java and potentially moving on to an advanced Java course (check back for availability).  Have fun with Java!

Geography 101

Learn more about the earth around us and the world beyond us! Our Geography 101 class features hands-on experiments and activities to get students thinking about the activity under our feet. This course is designed for elementary and middle school students,

wanting to learn more about the demographics of the world, and potentially prepare for AP Human Geography in the future. In this class, students can learn about the different countries in the world as well as there socioeconomic interactions across the worldand it's unique cultures and customs. This course will focus on educating students about the different cultures in our world as well as discuss important geographic principles such as longitude and latitude. Forge on geographers!

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