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Online STEM Classes

Free STEM Classes for Kids

                         1,000+ Students Nationally
         Partnerships with public schools and districts across the USA


[Partners Include]: Bellevue School District (WA) [Cooperate Partnership], Medina Elementary School (WA), Cherry Crest Elementary School (WA), Spiritridge Elementary School (WA), Enatai Elementary School, Newcastle Elementary School (WA), Eastgate Elementary School, Somerset Elementary School (WA), Maple Hills Elementary School (WA), Deceatur Elementary School (WA), Oak Creek Elementary School (OR), Bennet Elementary School (WA), Phantom Lake Elementary School (WA), Edison Elementary School (WA), Laura B. Sprague School (IL), Owen Marsh Elementary School (IL), Half Day Elementary School (IL), Daniel Wright Elementary School (IL), Gateway Middle School (CA), and many more!

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Get a head start on school next year by supplementing your learning with online classes! Our online classes are designed for children of all ages, and are accelerated courses. 

We offer classes in multiple science topics including biology, chemistry, and physics. Each course is designed for students of different ages and follows common core (US curriculum).

We offer 2 classes in coding: introductory python and introductory java. These courses are designed for older elementary and secondary school students.

We offer multiple math classes, suitable for different grade levels. Our math classes are accelerated courses designed to give a comprehensive overview of the topic.

We offer classes in math, engineering, and science for primary (elementary) school students. Our classes are tailored to primary school students' needs, and are taken at an rapid pace.

Workshop Highlights

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